Comité consultatif de lutte contre la pauvretré et l'exclusion sociale

With less poverty, all of us stand to gain immeasurably.

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Comité consultatif de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale

November 27, 2015

Online bulletin no 16 – November 2015


Adapting employment assistance measures and services to the needs of individuals is very important. In the same vein, this issue of the online bulletin points out that society needs to devote greater efforts to adapt the labour market to the people available, instead of focusing above all on adapting persons who are out of work to labour market needs.

September 8, 2015

Online bulletin no 15 – August 2015


The effective application of economic and social rights, including the right to work, means that all individuals and families in need must have access to financial and social assistance measures, provided by law, that will ensure them a decent standard of living. Specifically with respect to the right to work, effective application requires access to adapted, flexible programs that are sufficient in number to meet the needs.

This issue of the online bulletin  points out that to meet this objective, a change of mentality is required so that access to employment measures will be a recognized right.

June 19, 2015

Employment assistance for lasting job entry


The Comité consultatif de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale is proud to release its latest advisory opinion on the issue of assistance for entering the labour market.

In this advisory opinion, the Comité proposes means for:

  • improving job-entry assistance
  • ensuring that job entry is lasting

The advisory opinion is part of a broader effort undertaken by the Comité. It is one of the three thrusts of this work, regarding which the Comité intends to submit proposals aimed at tackling the challenges associated with its primary objective, namely ensuring that employment enables people to escape poverty. The first advisory opinion, issued in March 2013, focused on the situation of low-income workers and job insecurity.

For the Comité, employment is a right, on a par with the right to health and the right to education. In order for this right to be effective, all individuals must have access to assistance measures adapted to their needs and to the support required by their respective situations.

Being different and having special needs can often make job access more difficult, given factors such as prejudice and discrimination. Competitiveness, the quest for performance and the labour market’s structural problems are also aspects that leave many people on the sidelines.

Assistance for entering the labour market is a strategic area in terms of both support for individuals and economic development. Governments have much to gain by investing in this type of assistance. Increasing the array of adapted job-entry services is a key lever for preventing and combating poverty.

This document is available in French only.

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