Comité consultatif de lutte contre la pauvretré et l'exclusion sociale

With less poverty, all of us stand to gain immeasurably.

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Comité consultatif


Equality, participation and individual and collective responsibility are the three basic values that drive the deliberations and efforts of the Comité consultatif de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale.


Equality — equal rights and the right to equality — is the core value behind efforts to improve individuals’ and communities’ economic circumstances and ability to act. It is essential to reduce disparities that hinder social cohesion, starting with income gaps, along with unequal access to education and training, employment, housing, recreation, culture, health and wellbeing, without forgetting persistent gender inequality.


The Comité is convinced of the importance of individual and collective participation in efforts to make Québec a more inclusive, poverty-free society. The participation of people who are personally affected by poverty and social exclusion is therefore essential. Their stories and experience can contribute to the implementation of more coherent approaches that take into account their status as full citizens. The Comité thus asserts its trust in people who are grappling with poverty and social exclusion; as acknowledged by the Act to combat poverty and social exclusion, they are the first to act to improve their situation and that of their families.

Individual and collective responsibility

For the Comité, the combat against poverty and social exclusion is both an individual and a collective responsibility. One of the five goals set forth in the Act is to develop and reinforce the sense of solidarity throughout Québec so that society as a whole may participate in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. To overcome prejudice, prevent and fight inequality and deploy sustainable solutions, all stakeholders have to share the responsibility for combating poverty. Less poverty means that we all come out ahead, paving the way to a more egalitarian society with better social cohesion.

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